Super slogan is to convey the most information with the least words, so that the other party can take some actions, so as to establish the brand image of the enterprise and help the enterprise build its reputation. So how to create a super slogan of brand communication? This paper introduces six core evaluation criteria and four types of thinking routines, to share with you!

Last week, we mentioned that super slogan is to deliver the most information with the least words, so that the other party can produce some actions; slogan is strategy, namely commitment, namely purchase reason, and the premise of slogan existence is to make enterprise strategy clear.

If you haven’t read it, it’s recommended to read the first article: “the first principle of brand naming: auditory communication”

Today, let’s discuss the more practical part: how to create an excellent super slogan?

1、 Six core criteria

First of all, we need to have the most basic judgment ability on the good and bad of super slogans. Otherwise, creation will be impossible.

I think there are six core criteria: second understanding, colloquialism, value, action, persistence and brand name. Whether it’s at the time of your creation or after the inspection, these six standards can help us output better slogan ideas.

Let’s expand one by one:

1. Seconds to understand

Your brand may only have one second to face customers at the terminal, and second understanding is the most basic quality of super slogan.

For example, if you want to push a new course when you get an app, you will generally pop up a pop-up window when the user opens the app and actively recommend it to you. At the moment when the propaganda poster came out, how to write the slogan of the course was to a great extent determined whether he wanted to place an order for the course.

Imagine that if someone says something and doesn’t know what you’re talking about, or needs him to turn around and think about it, doesn’t it cause trouble to them?

Sometimes, in order to show our brand is high-end and cultural, we deliberately make the slogan more beautiful and obscure. Because it seems more imaginative, this is actually the biggest mistake of super slogan. It’s not worth advocating that there will be barriers to communication.

In the last article, we mentioned “slogan is message”. You need to spread the brand key message to your consumers without damage. If “intentionally” set up reading barriers, customers will understand thousands of people and even ignore you directly, and the quality of information communication will be greatly reduced.

We need to try our best to create with simple and simple words that can be understood at a glance. The slogan is that copywriting is not literature. It’s easy to get into the heart. Even if the audience is a novice without cognitive basis, they can see what you’re talking about.

Homophonic words should be used with caution, because they do not follow the principle of auditory communication. We have written a special article about auditory communication, which is recommended for you to read

In addition to the inflectional expression, the fewer words you need to control, the better. Within 8 words, it is the easiest to remember, and the longest is no more than 14 words. No matter how many words, customers can’t finish reading at a glance, which is prone to conflict.

On the basis of accurate expression, you need to simplify and simplify the text. If you can express in one word, you will never need two words.

In fact, second understanding is to reduce communication costs, not only the principle of super slogan creation, but also the principle that almost all creativity in the business environment should follow.

2. Customer communication

Although the initial super slogan of colloquialism may be spread out by the brand (or customers), it must be the customers who can really carry forward it.

Ideally, when someone talks about your brand, they will mention that super slogan, which really gives it vitality.

Therefore, super slogans must be oral, which can be blurted out directly in daily communication. To judge whether a slogan is colloquial enough, it depends on whether the front-line salesperson will often use it when selling goods and whether the customer will pass it on when evaluating you.

Lao Luo tiktok live with goods, the slogan used is “no money, make friends”, just like he stood in front of you, from his mouth to say the same.

On the contrary, those slogans that pursue literary elegance are rarely taken in daily life, even if they are not real super slogans.

Pacific Insurance is a typical example. Their slogan is “inject a drop of water at ordinary times, and have the Pacific when it is difficult.”.

Excessive pursuit of beautiful and symmetrical characters often deviates from the principle of colloquialism. Therefore, it is doomed to become a brand side’s own monologue, quietly lying in the book.

The most powerful super slogan can be evolved into people’s daily mantra, such as “say Tianqi when taking photos” and “drink Wang Laoji for fear of getting angry”, which have become a part of our social culture. This is the highest level of slogan. If it is not spoken, it is difficult to do so.

3. Create value for customers

The essence of enterprises with value is to create value for customers. The super slogan is to convey the most unique value point of the brand (from the perspective of customers, value is the reason why they buy: why they want to buy me instead of others).

In my experience of consulting for enterprises, the most common phenomenon we meet is that enterprises often advertise for the whole industry.

For example, the slogan of a smart lock enterprise is: kill the key; the insurance company tries to tell consumers that you need to buy insurance, because there are many risks in the future. But you don’t think about why customers come here and I don’t buy other homes? Even if the customer has a real impulse to buy, he may turn around and go to another home.

On the way to work in the morning, I saw an advertisement of plastic surgery company on a bus, which also made the same mistake: XX plastic surgery, beautiful body, beautiful life. The premise of the existence of plastic surgery companies is to make your customers beautiful. If a brand only emphasizes the attributes of the industry, it is equivalent to that the money is advertising the whole industry, which is about equal to a waste of money.

The super slogan must be able to hit customers with unique value in an instant, and must be able to participate in the competition and make competitors hate. Unfortunately, most enterprises are often trapped in internal thinking, and the advertising slogans they write are neither differentiated nor effective.

4. Help consumers make decisions

I’ve stressed repeatedly before that: Super slogans ultimately point to the actions of customers, and the purpose of marketing communication is to help consumers make decisions.

Therefore, slogans must have a clear direction of action. After reading the slogans, customers have the impulse to take some actions. Otherwise, communication resources will be wasted.

How to strengthen the ability of slogans?

The structure and rhythm of sentences are very important. The sentence pattern of super slogans must be firm and provocative, and it is better to rhyme the sentence pattern with rhythm; secondly, it is better to have some action instruction words, which is easier to form behavior impulse.

After 80 should know the case: Excavator technology which strong, China’s Shandong look for Lanxiang! It’s an oral classic. The clever use of the verb “find” points to the action of customers. The rhymes of “strong” and “Xiang” are catchy to read. If its brand is not called Lanxiang, but Lanfei, will its combat effectiveness be much weaker?

In particular, action is not the same as moving. A large number of brand ads move customers but only stay in the moving stage, which can not be turned into customers’ action force.

“If you know where to go, the world will make way for you.” I believe you are familiar with this slogan, and even touched you, but you know what the brand is behind it? Have you ever had an incentive to buy it?

What you want customers to do is reflected in the super slogan.

5. Lasting

If there is no major adjustment in the enterprise strategy, it is better not to change the super slogan. The cost of reinvesting in a new super spoken language is huge. So super slogans must be able to bear the baptism of a long time. Classics are not easy to go out of fashion.

In order to be sustainable and effective, the super slogan must be suitable for the long-term value of the target customer and meet the pain point demand that the customer will not disappear in a short time.

For example, Alibaba’s “no hard business” and “hard business” are the long-term problems of this society.

The super slogan we created for Henghua insurance: buy the right insurance and make it customized. Because the domestic insurance industry will be in the development period of chaos and war for a long time, the pain point of “buying wrong insurance” for customers will also exist for a long time.

We believe that in the future for quite a long time, “1-to-1 private customization, let customers buy insurance” is in line with customers’ long-term value needs.

Super slogan is not for short-term gimmicks, opportunism; it is not to write an eye-catching copy, to trick customers into coming in. Good slogans have been circulating for decades and hundreds of years.

6. Brand name

In addition to the above five principles, there is also a key point: it is better to have a brand name in the super mouth.

We find that some super slogans are extremely successful, and everyone is spreading the success, but you don’t know the corresponding brand name.

“A diamond will last forever,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how long it lasts, it only cares what it used to have.”. They are all popular slogans and even evolved into everyday expressions. Unfortunately, most people don’t know which brand they are corresponding to.

However, the actual situation of each brand is different, and it can not be too demanding to include brand names in slogans. If not, in the process of communication, we must also put the brand name and super slogan together to spread, so that the slogan is deeply bound with our own brand.

Four types of thinking routines

With these six principles in mind, I’d like to make a small patch.

All principles and standards are relative rather than absolute. The application field of super slogan is most suitable for the mass consumer goods industry. In some high-end or very small industries, super slogan may not be able to set these principles.

For example, high-end luxury goods are used to impress customers by investing in brand concept stories for a long time, so that they can accept hundreds of times of premium to buy a bag; for example, fashion clothing is used to promote customers to shape an ideal self, and the purchase decision is more influenced by aesthetic value style, which is difficult to let customers act in one sentence.

When it comes to this, your company should have a clear strategic plan and master the basic principles of super slogan. Congratulations, you can write now.

How to write a classic Super slogan does not rule out the elements of lucky inspiration. For example, when I often take a bath, my inspiration suddenly bursts out.

But I’m not afraid of inspiration. After research, most of the creation of super slogans has a way of thinking. I divided it into four categories.

A misunderstanding needs to be dispelled: whether the super slogans are written well or not has little to do with the Chinese achievements, and the Chinese achievements are not good? It’s enough to understand the basic grammar. It won’t affect your creation at all.

The essence of super slogans is to understand people’s hearts, spread values, let customers act. It’s different from Chinese level.

Here are four ideas for your reference and enjoyment in the process of practice:

1. Super words and sentences

This is a skill we learned in primary school. Usually the teacher’s topic is: give you some key words, and then let you connect several words in a sentence to form a sentence.

Super slogans are a step more than words. You need to find these key words by yourself. We call them super words.

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