Every company wants to build its own online red brand, but it’s not good to know the media routine. Kwai hung Book grass, micro-blog do sound volume, fast hand carry goods, Taobao do mouth, the news media endorsement, set down, a net red brand is you!

There are tens of millions of Companies in the world, but there are only a handful of companies that create online red products. Every company has been thinking about online red products for a long time. When can its own products become online red products? First of all, I need to ask myself if I can understand the routine of creating online red products. If I can’t understand it, my life will be over. It’s like letting someone who can’t drive go to a car race and win.

Iron making also needs to be hard on its own. It is the king’s way to build online red products. Here, we will take the important media modules in the Kwai net product module to show you, mainly the little red book, micro-blog, fast hand, Taobao, news media. These media (channels) tell you their role and role in creating the net red product, and learn these things, which will help you to create a net red product. 。

First, use a sentence to outline their role: small red book grass, micro-blog do the volume, fast hand carry goods, Taobao do the mouth, the news media endorsement, set down, another Kwai hung brand is you!

Little red book grows grass

Planting grass is also called drainage. Now, the advertising price in Taoxi department is quite high, and the cost of drainage outside the station is relatively low, but the demand for skills is higher. It’s OK to do a through train with money. If you don’t go up in the ranking, you can’t go up, you can’t go up. If you continue to add money, it’s simple and rough. Everyone who will spend money can do it. External drainage is not the same, the content is not good, the right person is not selected, the promotion rhythm is not well controlled, external drainage can not be done, and the most difficult point is external drainage, the data of the two platforms is disjointed, it is not good to analyze the data and evaluate the effect.

Xiaohongshu grass planting is an excellent platform for external drainage. Businesses can also enter xiaohongshu to open an official mall and make deals on xiaohongshu platform. But at present, the mainstream way of playing is to shop content on the xiaohongshu platform. Users are interested in the products and turn to Taobao platform for purchase. This is an Amway process. If the diary published by the talent has a mall link, the intention of promotion is too obvious, and the transformation may not be as good as not having a link.

Let’s share a trick of planting grass without spending money. We didn’t spend a penny on the little red book. We searched brand words or industry keywords. Nearly 100 diaries were in the front row. Remember that we didn’t spend a penny. So how is it done? Here’s a word to start with: no fee replacement, which means that businesses provide products, and talents release their diaries free of charge after trial. So, you know.

At first, I thought that only a few hundred fans would make a free replacement, and then I found tens of thousands of fans. You know, if we do a paid promotion, these tens of thousands of fans will charge about 2000 yuan, so the rest of Mimi’s ten thousand yuan of promotion fee (I found several free ones). I’m really smart.

In the initial stage of the product, small red book and external drainage will encounter bottlenecks to some extent. After all, small red book has a limited scale. If you want to be a national online red product, it is not enough to be a small red book, you must open up the second battlefield: microblog.

Microblog volume

The only bad thing is that there is no hot search. It means that no matter how good the promotion is, it will not form a topic, and Weibo is the best choice to form a topic. Those products that can’t be moved are all online red products? Microblog gives people the feeling of a square. People outside the square can hear it. If a product wants to be a net red product, it must have a voice. It must be heard by b-end enterprises and investment institutions. This voice must be done on the microblog platform.

After the promotion of microblog, it is obvious that the fans of microblog are not as valuable as those of other platforms. One thousand fans in Xiaohong book are good ordinary people. It takes at least ten thousand fans on Weibo to keep up with them. The form of content is almost the same. Nine pictures plus copywriting, or video. However, when promoting products, I prefer to promote graphic products.

Good pictures, impact and memory are more powerful. Video is hard to remember. Unless tiktok is pushed to one hundred million, the video will be thrown away, even if there is no splash. Microblog can be promoted in a similar way as xiaohongshu. It can also be replaced without any cost. When the number of pawnbroker mats is almost the same, you can spend some money, find some big names, make a topic, and find a way to do a hot search. Together, the volume of sound increases dramatically. The whole company eats alcohol.

Kwai Fu

Which platform is the best? Short video platform for Kwai Fu. Tiktok tiktok, a lot of people who do product promotion, ask me, “why do you not talk about the jitter?” This may be a misunderstanding. Just like there is no strong wine brand in Henan, we think that the local channel is the best. Indeed, all the people who make wine think so. The first stop was in Henan, which turned out to be the most competitive province.

Trembling is indeed tiktok. Fire is content, not brand. Can we recall carefully what brands are tiktok pushed up? Anyway, I don’t think there is a lot of money in Kwai Fu. When making Kwai hung products, quick delivery of goods is optional, and can be done or not. Once the sound volume of the product is up, it will enter the harvesting stage, and live delivery is a way of harvesting.

Taobao to close

Taobao’s role is more and more close to the trading platform, of course, this is not what Taobao hopes to see. At the beginning, Taobao limited Baidu’s capture just because it didn’t want the traffic to be controlled by others. However, the trend of external drainage is unstoppable. Today is little red book, tomorrow is little green book and so on. If you want to make online red products, you must have a clear understanding of Taobao’s positioning. In the early stage, you should make a trading platform, and in the later stage, you should pay attention to the traffic in Taobao department.

For example, if the company’s products are advertised on TV and broadcast 24 hours a day, the users are brainwashed by the products and want it very much. It is impossible to place an order on TV. What should we do? Users will go to Taobao to search and order. Taobao’s role at this time is to close the traffic, attracting users to the ads, all of them are collected and cashed in, similar to all the major roads that are finally imported into Rome.

The most important thing for Taobao to finish is to set up the key words. Don’t be intercepted by others. Otherwise, it’s to make a wedding dress for others. Before the product promotion, Taobao will be put on the shelves in advance. It’s important to make the material better, optimize the comments, and ensure a normal conversion rate when the traffic comes in.

Endorsement by news media

Many people don’t know and can’t do this module. It often appears that the previous modules are well done, but this module has not been done, and the linmen who created the netred products have not kicked out, and finally failed. If there is no news media endorsement, online red products can only be self – Hi, I know there is no egg.

News media refers to authoritative media such as people’s daily, sina.com, sohu.com, phoenix.com, caijing.com and local websites. One of my friends does this kind of media. When I do tob business, I will give them thousands of pieces every month and ask them to help publish them to these media. When users understand product information, they will see that the product is exposed on these media, which will increase their trust and promote transformation.

If you want to be a news media, you can find something to write on your own. For example, if you want to sell 4 million new products per day, it will become a dark horse for the growth of a certain category. If you invest more in such news, you will believe it. No matter whether you are a user or a channel, seeing such news will also improve your awareness that the brand is a red online product. Over time, you will see more people and write more The net red product came out unconsciously.


It’s not difficult to make a net red product by playing well with these platforms. In the process of practical operation, it is not necessary to copy completely. You can make subtle adjustments according to the new rhythm of the company’s products and the company’s strength. Each company has the temper of each company, find a suitable way to promote itself, and solve the platforms of xiaohongshu, Weibo, Taobao, and news media. You can do a few if you want to make any online red products!


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