In the Internet era where everyone is self-Media, the importance of word-of-mouth marketing must be self-evident. In the context of eyeball economy, what we need is attention and discussion to attract more exposure. As long as we make good use of word-of-mouth marketing, we can get continuous flow and new users from sources.

Andy sanowitz, an American expert in word-of-mouth marketing, believes that the crazy spread of word-of-mouth cannot be separated from five “t” elements.

01 talkers

The talker refers to a group of people who will discuss your product brand to others. They may be your customers, ordinary people, or they may be fanatical fans, and voluntarily distribute your information.

The best talkers are probably the customers you deal with every day, who are happy to have the opportunity to talk a lot. For example, a fan of a rolling stone band. They spend hundreds of dollars to support and promote their favorite bands and urge their friends to do so. They are eager to spread their ideas and even willing to pay for them (for example, buying music CDs, concert tickets, T-shirts and posters).

Once you identify these groups of speakers, the next challenge is to give them a topic they are willing to talk about in order to get started.

02 topics

Topic refers to the specific content people talk about. Commerce bank is a hospitable and helpful Bank of America. Its slogan is: “the most convenient bank in America.” This bank operates ordinary banking. So where is its word-of-mouth topic? It’s a free coin collector in the bank lobby called penny arcade.

Everyone is talking about this bank. It’s the only bank nearby where anyone (even non customers) can come in and change coins into paper money. Most banks don’t have this service at all. This information doesn’t have to be very strange. Special sales, quality service, great new features, unique taste, funny name, or beautiful packaging should be enough to fulfill this task. It doesn’t matter what kind of information it is. But it must be a good enough topic, concise, clear-cut and easy to retell.

When you find interesting topics that inspire the conversation, the next challenge is to provide tools to push the conversation forward.

03 tools (PUSH Tool)

Even if the topic is good enough, spring broadcasting also needs to be promoted. The biggest role of word-of-mouth marketing is that they provide transportation infrastructure for information travel. If you run a store or restaurant, make sure that customers have something to transfer to their friends when they go out, such as a menu or a coupon.

Kiehl’s cosmetics store is famous for its free trials. Customers leave the store with a small bag full of snacks and more than one, which makes customers have something to transfer to friends. If someone wants to talk about you, try to help them. Magazines have long recognized this. There’s no reason why every magazine is throwing subscription postcards at your house like a storm (which is a bit exaggerated). People share magazines. These postcards are the push tools that help spread the magazine’s subscriptions.

For people who have created tools to speed up word-of-mouth communication, the next challenge is to keep the conversation fresh all the time and be able to spread quickly. The way to do this is to participate in it.

04 taking part

At the thought of joining the word-of-mouth conversation, the marketers will inevitably be a little nervous. Once the door of word-of-mouth conversation is opened, it can no longer be closed. You reach out to real people, encourage them to talk about your brand, and they want you to participate in the conversation. For example, reply to the information in the email, open the comment function of the blog, join the discussion on the message board and answer the phone.

A blogger wrote about you. Thank him. In case of complaints, find out the reasons for such negative discussions and remedy them. Be willing to help. Express your opinions sincerely. Be grateful. Be friendly. If you don’t join the conversation, it will die. Joining in a conversation can be scary at the beginning, it can also attract negative feedback, or even meet people who are crazy. But at the same time, you will win customers’ respect and praise, and build a strong long-term relationship with them.

Once in the conversation, the next challenge is to track the conversation and understand what people are talking about.

05 tracking

With good word-of-mouth talk promotion tools, we can know how word-of-mouth talks are spread and track what consumers are saying. Tracking what people say to you and your company is much easier now. You can see every comment under every blog post and on the message board, and you can see it immediately after it is sent out.

Learn more about how word-of-mouth is spreading. It’s just between the movements of your fingers. It’s available at any time. It’s free. Through online communication, you can master the real ideas of consumers about your brand, your marketing and your products. This high level of in-depth understanding has higher reliability and timeliness than the data obtained by traditional analytical techniques.

Sometimes, good word-of-mouth is the result of miscalculation; sometimes, it is the result of careful planning, so no matter what, these five t’s are the basic qualities that we need to have.


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