If the brand is a kite flying in the sky, the scene is a kite line, which enables the brand to be grounded and resonate with consumers.

Why is “Scene” more important?

Consumers’ behaviors are carried out in specific scenarios. They recognize products through scenarios and have different needs in different scenarios. In order to carry out marketing, enterprises need to connect the selling points of products with the needs of consumers in specific scenarios, effectively touch the pain points and itch points of consumers, arouse the emotional resonance of consumers, stimulate the purchase desire, establish a good interactive relationship, and form consumer stickiness and loyalty.

“Brainwashing” brings users a sense of boredom at the same time

With internet marketing Four With the advent of the times, where do users take wedding photos? Count brigade! ” The rude slogans such as “give gifts and brain white gold” and “XX industry expert” gradually lost their feeling, which was greatly contradicted by most consumers: “are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok? Eat yo Mei if you are OK!” The brainwashing advertisement of is already very obvious.

Consumers no longer tolerate the teaching of “reason”, “knock on the blackboard”, “talk about knowledge points” or “face to face” and the posture of being “looked down upon”.

In the past, the model of “product centered” and “consumer centered” has gradually failed, because in the state of information explosion, consumers have been trained with new capabilities, and they will gradually take the initiative to express and share their views, show their loyalty to an enterprise or product; they will take the initiative to interact with enterprises, and at the same time, they will take the initiative to reject the business that they think is not appropriate Pin.

This is why many enterprises have a weak sense of online promotion. In addition to the matching degree of online promotion strategy and enterprise strategy, most enterprises have always been directly facing channels, distributors and sales teams. Their perception of consumers is relatively weak and even stays in subjective cognition. So what we do Although it has begun to have an impact, the impact is so small that it cannot reach the level of communication.

And most of the time, we just talk about the upgrading of consumption, but ignore that consumers are also upgrading. They are no longer a single link or product in the value chain, but a complete, independent, attitude, aesthetic and temperature individual. Therefore, we should not only have user thinking, but also jump into the crowd of consumers and spare no effort to understand their most real side.

This means that the way of interaction between enterprises and consumers needs to change from rough educational advertising to scene building. The slogans in the loudspeakers will no longer work. Consumers want you to show them the scene directly. They hope that you can communicate with each other like normal people. They hope that you can make them feel the same, and that they can be moved, sad, grateful, touched and exclaimed

What is a scene?

The so-called scene, simply speaking, is a variety of scenes of people’s work and life. Time, space, background, human behavior and mutual relations constitute the structure of the scene. In the scene of human life, business behavior has the opportunity to participate, and through a variety of operation methods, the final realization of scene commercialization is to better facilitate the formation of brand. When enterprises carry out scene marketing, they usually need to focus on the established marketing strategy and brand theme of the enterprise, and guide users to experience more naturally.

According to brand expert Shen Hesheng, consumers’ experience behaviors are all carried out in specific scenes. Consumers recognize products through scenes. Under different scenes, consumers also have different feelings and memories after experiencing products or services. The same is true for liquor, jiangxiaobai and ordinary grain liquor, which give consumers different feelings and memories.

Without Jiang Xiaobai’s copywriting in his eyes, in his scratchbox, in his dream, and in his wine, he would probably drown in the supermarket shelves together with ordinary young baijiu. Therefore, if you want to create a good user experience, you need to build a complete business scenario with the user as the center.

Re understand “field” and “Scene”, quietly let users enter the consumption scene

The concept of scene has been popular for a long time, and among the endless concepts, a more understandable one is to first separate the scene, the field and the scene.

“Field” is time and space, and a field is time plus space. Users can stay and consume in this space. If a person cannot stay and consume in a certain space, this field is nonexistent or invalid.

“Scenery” is the scene and interaction. When the user stays in this space, there should be scenarios and interactions to trigger the user’s emotions and hold the user’s opinions.

This is the scene.

The importance of Scene Building

The core purpose of setting up a scene is to trigger emotions. From the consumer’s contact with the product to the final purchase of the product, the previous path is probably as follows: see / hear, understand, like, remember, buy and introduce.

At this stage, the path has evolved into: buy when you see it.

Jitter, NetEase tiktok, Muji, and other online or offline businesses are undoubtedly using the scene to trigger some emotion of consumers, and reduce the obstacles encountered by consumers in making purchase decisions.

For example, in the content push mechanism, based on the user’s original custom portrait, in addition to promoting user defined content, it will continue to push other types of videos tiktok to test users, and constantly improve the real user profile of each user through the real behavior of users. So when we wanted to watch some sports sports videos, it’s no surprise that our little sister, who has been painting for two hours, yearned for beautiful things and personnel, is the bottom demand of people. Emotion will always prevail over rationality, and unconsciously.

Tiktok is also determined by the degree of activity in the background. Therefore, in essence, most of the content in the shaking is partly the result of the user’s own selection, which is a common emotion, which means tiktok, or empathy.

Therefore, when the video reaches the emotional climax, the products of the merchants in the platform will appear commodity links, which will not give consumers any chance to think or rational occupy the brain. They only let this moment happen in 15 seconds.

Only the scene that can trigger users’ emotions is the real traffic entrance.

Experience scene differentiation, turn your story into user’s story

Brand is a combination of products and scenes with temperature and story. Different scenes bring different additional meanings. Shen Hesheng, a brand expert, believes that any enterprise should consider the brand concept when building a brand, interpret the concept with a story, integrate the brand into the scene, make the brand story and story scene, maximize the interest of people, trigger people’s immersion participation and interaction, trigger people’s value resonance, and enable people to have a happy understanding and recognition of the brand.

A brand must have a story, and the story will create a scene. In recent years, “Chu orange” is very popular. In the final analysis, it is the inspirational story behind “Chu orange”. A legend who fell from the peak to the trough and recreated the myth, from “king of smoke” to being in prison, and from “being imprisoned” to “king of orange in China”. Many people are deeply impressed by Chu Shijian’s success.

In addition, there is Netease cloud music. Users can’t leave Netease cloud music alone, not because there are many resources and copyrights, but because of UGC (users produce content, Netease cloud music users can write comments on a song on the platform). In March 2017, the advertisement of “music review special train” put on Hangzhou Metro by Netease cloud music, because of its distracted consumer insight, accidentally expanded the circle of friends, not only reaped a strong communication force, but also achieved a good product conversion rate.

Now looking back, the screen swiping of the “music review train” is to mobilize the audience’s emotions by means of the comments previously written by users on the platform reflecting their story emotions, so as to place them in the situation of empathy.

Today is an era of social media, digital social media has a wide range of interactive is different from the prominent characteristics of traditional media. The audience is no longer just a simple receiver of information, but the initiator of information can participate in the whole communication activities. In this new media environment, listening and writing music review has become the unique mode of Netease cloud music, and with the help of music review of users, Netease cloud music has been achieved.

Brand communication should reproduce the life scene in the form of story, explore the humanistic spirit contained in the scene, and restore the life value behind the scene. The brand integrates into the life scene through vivid stories. The brand integrates into the life scene through vivid stories, which drives the emotional resonance of consumers, guides consumers to have a sense of participation, and makes consumers become the protagonists of the scene.

Through the common experience to improve the quality of brand communication, take the initiative to accept the brand, like the brand emotionally, and then form a close relationship of mutual trust with the brand. In the era of the crazy rise of similar products, a good enough story, plus experience, will produce ripple effect. Only the difference of experience scene can improve your brand.

Build a good product, build a good scene. It can push the product to a relatively high potential energy point, so as to obtain the strong kinetic energy when the product contacts the consumer, turn on the emotional switch in an instant, and get the maximum satisfaction in the scene. Brand is illusory. It is a kind of cognitive symbol or spiritual pillar. It needs precise scenes to focus on the right people.

If the brand is a kite flying in the sky, the scene is a kite line, which enables the brand to be grounded and resonate with consumers.


Author: Zhang Bancheng, wechat: zhangjin16166, an Internet person who continues to pursue excellence. Author of “build your marketing thinking”, brand marketing expert.

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