Event marketing has strong timeliness and contingency. In practical operation, we should make a thorough understanding, adjust the strategy quickly and land on the ground quickly. This paper analyzes the event marketing in different situations, summarizes several key issues that need to be paid attention to, and shares with you.

Event marketing, also known as hot event marketing.

Based on people’s social attributes, everyone will pursue hot spots. In the era of media centralization, hot events often become a topic of national concern. Hot events, like a stone falling into the water, will cause many ripples and multiple propagation effects.

In most cases, event marketing belongs to the scope of marketing work, so market people will pay special attention to hot events, and always want to make a brand promotion. Do you need to master the skill of event marketing to do effect marketing? I think it’s needed.

From the perspective of traffic, hotspot = user attention = traffic.

As long as it is the way to get traffic, it is worth the operators to study and explore. Event marketing doesn’t need to invest heavily in human and financial resources. It usually uses small costs to create a national topic and create a big event.

So, how to plan a “premeditated” event marketing?

1、 Regular event marketing, manufacturing hot spots

Event marketing is not only good at time and place, but also good at activity planning and landing plan in advance. When the hot spot comes, we need to respond quickly and follow the topic with great communication.

A variety show of talent shows makes the word “Koi” a hot topic. In September 2018, Alipay kept up with the hot spots and launched the “wish you to become China Koi” activities, which has touched many marketing people’s nerves. Koi activities are a successful event marketing activity after Alipay’s “five seasons of the Spring Festival”.

The main position of Alipay koi is in micro-blog. Let’s review the whole process of the activity first. First, Alipay official account released a micro-blog that forwarded micro-blog to draw China Koi, and then hundreds of participating brands participated in the 1 hour forwarding, transmitting more than 1 million times in a single day, and forwarding 3 million times in the later period. Topics continue to ferment, followed by the media and big V spontaneously spread, Alipay Koi related topics have repeatedly entered micro-blog hot search list, harvest hundreds of millions of exposure effect, and the activity lasted for nearly a month.

Alipay’s “China Koi” campaign

Before the event was launched, Alipay did not carry out any warm-up on micro-blog. But why can this explosive propagation effect be produced in a short time? There are two main reasons:

First, the hot spot is well handled

At that time, with the continuous popularity of the variety show, it created many hot topics pursued by netizens, among which “Koi” became a hot word on social platforms, and many brands began to spread “Koi”. Alipay also firmly grasped this hot opportunity.

If it’s just a simple content creation, it won’t produce the later communication effect. In fact, Alipay made a two interpretation of the “Koi”. “Koi” not only represents the yearning for good luck, but also represents the real luck to get a surprise reward. This new interpretation of the hot topic brings us an endless “Koi list”.

Second, the preparatory work has been done sufficiently

The prize of the only “Chinese Koi” is very luxurious, covering all aspects of food, clothing, use and transportation. Hundreds of brands participated in the sponsorship. In this activity, Alipay’s business development capability is still very strong. Not only does it bring back so many awards, but it also invites the brand to forward micro-blog together, and to create momentum for activities. It can be seen that Alipay has made full preparations in the content and way of promotion before the event was launched.

Therefore, when the hot spot comes, it needs to be carefully planned to hold it and turn it into traffic, and the “informative” activity strategy can produce explosive communication effect in event marketing.

2、 Take advantage of potential marketing to grasp the immediate hot spot

1. Marketing of “refund upon winning” event of vatti 2018 World Cup

The biggest marketing black horse killed during the 2018 World Cup is vantage.

Do you remember the event “France wins the championship, vantage refunds the whole money”? On July 1, France beat Argentina to the top eight, and vatti’s marketing rhythm immediately fell into a white hot state. This marketing activity was launched at this time, and vatti immediately became the focus of public attention. For several days in a row, the content related to “vatti refund” rushed into Sina Weibo hot search list. Not only that, but also caused the news media to continue to pay attention to and report on the event. As the world cup continues, whether vatti really wants a refund has become a hot topic among the public.

From the perspective of traffic alone, vantage’s marketing strategy of timely follow-up of hot spots and cutting edge has indeed achieved good results. During the world cup, it stood out from seven Chinese sponsors, bringing great attention and product sales to the brand.

According to the announcement of vantage, from June 1, 2018 to July 3, 2018, vantage’s online and offline channel sales reached 1 billion yuan, a substantial increase year-on-year, and the cost of winning the championship package only accounted for less than 10% of the company’s sales.

Just think about it. If we just sponsor the world cup, it’s very difficult for vantage to break through among the sponsors with a large number of brands and get such a large sales volume. In the context of the world cup hot spots, vantage’s marketing activities have created another controversial hot spot, attracting the attention of fans and ordinary users in a large range.

2. Shenzhou 2015 “beatu, I’m afraid of the dark car” event marketing

Earlier, the “beatu, I’m afraid of the dark special car” marketing activity of Shenzhou special car became a typical case of event marketing.

In 2015, the online car Hailing business was in full swing in China, and the competition among Uber, didi and Kuai was particularly fierce. At that time, Shenzhou special vehicle established a differentiated product selling point – “safety”, so in June, it launched a public welfare activity of “beatu, I’m afraid of dark special vehicle”, and invited some stars to speak for it. From the perspective of user pain point, using the user’s tone to say no to “black car” can quickly cause the emotional resonance of the target user..

It has to be said that the event marketing cost is very limited, bringing a large number of users and orders to Shenzhou special vehicle.

According to data released by industry media, more than 200000 fans increased on the same day, and the peak number of coupons was close to 20000 per minute. The number of new users in a single day of special vehicles in Shenzhou increased by more than 10 times over the same period of last year, and then the number of new users kept increasing by more than 3 times over the same period of last year.

“Beatu, I’m afraid of the dark special vehicle” communication campaign successfully launched the popularity of Shenzhou’s public, realized the mental occupation of Shenzhou’s special vehicle safety demands, and successfully attracted many consumers to experience the high-quality special vehicle service of Shenzhou, which is a successful communication campaign focusing on both public relations and effectiveness.

It is highly controversial in China to directly attack the weakness of rivals and formulate marketing strategies, because this strategy is “aggressive” and “confrontational”, which is easy to cause public relations crisis. But this kind of marketing cases of “fighting” between brands are very common in foreign countries, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, which have been in the marketing war for nearly one hundred years, and many marketing activities are talking about competitors. Competing brands pinch each other, which can arouse the attention of users and media. No matter who loses or wins the result, it is real for both sides of the event to gain the attention and traffic.

3、 Durex’s event marketing philosophy

Many people say that Durex’s content is well done. From another point of view, Durex is also ingenious in event marketing. Durex’s Sina official microblog has a hot spot to catch up with, and it’s quite brilliant.

It is a very common way to play event marketing. Many marketers have their own marketing calendar. For Durex, this “marketing calendar” is so tightly arranged that it hardly misses every holiday. In addition, Durex will follow up on a lot of real-time hot spots. So that later, as long as there is a big event, the marketer’s habit is to first see what Durex’s official microblog has published, to absorb creativity and inspiration.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2017, Durex’s official microblog released a series of gratitude posters of brand alliance. As soon as the microblog was launched, it was linked by brands such as green arrow, dove and Snickers. For a while, the marketing circle was boiling. Many brands joined in the joint action of “brand gratitude” and created many high-quality communication contents.

Durex is able to keep up with the hot spots and continuously output creative content. Whether it’s posters or copywriting, the common method is to personify the product and brand, and cleverly integrate the current hot spots and the product’s selling point information.

Three elements of Durex ‘event marketing philosophy:

Hot spots appear, strike while the iron is hot, strike first

Always thinking about brand opportunities

Make anthropomorphic content, endow hot topics with communication

Durex Thanksgiving hot marketing ad

4、 Events without traffic are not good events

Several typical cases of event marketing are mentioned above. While forming the brand communication effect, they also contribute to the brand side in terms of traffic. The traffic here includes but is not limited to new users / fans, orders, sales volume, etc. For traffic operators, event marketing with only voice and no traffic is not what we want.

Back to the nature of traffic, let’s look at event marketing. You can see that event marketing is not so simple to make an effect.

1. Three basic attributes of good events

(1) Very topical

Whether an event can spread or not requires a very broad mass base, and a topical event is most likely to spread naturally among users. The spread width and depth of an event is often determined by the user’s attention, which is related to the heat of topic discussion. If a topical event has “material” or “explosion point”, it will be quickly spread. For example, there are several common types of topic events that are easy to spread: holiday activities, special weather, large-scale events, entertainment activities, people’s livelihood hot spots, new technology, new discoveries, celebrity anecdotes, etc.

User’s curiosity seeking psychology is the first motivation of topic communication.

(2) Media

There are very few events that can be presented to the public, and many of them are spread in a small range.

In the class of University communication, I have talked about three elements of communication: communicator, communication content and communication media. I still remember that. Among them, the media is a key factor of whether an event can be spread out.

Since the network, the spread range and efficiency of events have been improved by leaps and bounds. However, even in today’s Internet so developed, there are a lot of communication “black holes”. The existence of these “black holes” has a lot to do with the media. For example, hot events in forums and post bars are basically spread in this media, and the scope is limited to specific “circles” and people. Communicators and information receivers are basically vertical audiences of this sector. However, like on Weibo