In this paper, three key factors of “people”, “regular” and “goods” in live e-commerce are deeply interpreted.

Pinduoduo, who grew up in the cracks, started with a sinking social e-commerce business, and set up 10 billion subsidies to attack the first and second tier cities.

Taobao, as a defense, also made the same subsidy action in jujiasuan. But it can be described as a wave of ups and downs, and the firepower of Taobao will soon be transferred to another direction.

However, Taobao started the war by itself, and even had an ambush, that is, live e-commerce.

Taobao has been preparing ammunition since 2016. There are good products, Taobao headlines, whoa video, Taobao live broadcast and micro Taobao, which are all community-based and content-based e-commerce functions, mainly providing evaluation, grass planting, consultation and delivery services.

With the 5g network environment becoming better and better, users are being educated a little bit, and the webcast is becoming more and more mature. The live e-commerce finally broke out in 2019, and even the products are in full bloom.

But why is live e-commerce suddenly valued by so many people? How will the future trend develop?

Let’s go back to the three dimensions of “people and goods yard”.

1、 How to understand “field”

The prototype of live e-commerce comes from TV shopping. As early as more than ten years ago, the “no 999, just 299” shopping guide has magically appeared in every TV set.

It is the same as the essence of live e-commerce, which makes the offline shopping guide scene real-time online. However, in the new environment, live e-commerce has also extended more marketing modes, such as seckill live, on-site bargain ordering mode, store style product introduction, outdoor broadcast of base origin, expert consultation live, etc., to meet the characteristics of different categories of goods.

The form of online shopping guide can be popular again, one is due to the progress of the network environment, one is due to the cultivation of the host talents by the content ecology, and the other is due to the two-way interaction and timeliness of the live broadcast itself, which adds a lot of points to the e-commerce.

Product introduction has become more three-dimensional and perceptual. It can interact with the audience at any time to answer consumer questions, solve the pain points of e-commerce all the time, and make e-commerce become the creator of traffic from the consumer of traffic.

By the way, why is it that most of the functions used to be bought while looking at them didn’t work well?

It may be that these long videos for the purpose of chasing dramas have already let users immerse themselves in the content, so they have no time to pay attention to the advertising stickers that suddenly appear.

Back to the point, who can walk better and more steadily under this new flower road?

There are three types of products that can quickly access live e-commerce: content, e-commerce and information interconnection products.

Tiktok Kwai, tiktok, little red book, micro-blog, which have rich host and star resources, mature fans’ ecology and private domain traffic, can be driven by old fellow’s orders. Li Jiaqi’s popularity is also from the introduction of lipstick.

However, the only difficulty of content products is “goods”. It is very important for products with large determination to build their own supply chain. Those with less capacity will face the awkward situation of diversion to e-commerce platform, and the transaction link is easy to be disconnected and cannot be closed-loop, which will become a criticism.

B station is a typical representative, because to maintain their own small and honest style, there will be no ads in the video, and it will be even more difficult for B station, which is lack of money, to start carrying goods.

E-commerce products, such as Taobao and Jingdong, undoubtedly have natural advantages in commodity supply chain and logistics management with e-commerce gene itself. Therefore, they only need to cultivate good anchors, do a good job in serving the product functions of anchors and fans, which are available for live broadcast or self broadcast by businesses.

Taobao, with the strong operation team of Alibaba department, has started layout since 16 years ago, so it is the most powerful player in the live e-commerce.

As mentioned earlier, there is another type of products of fast incoming live e-commerce called information interconnection, which is actually wechat.

Wechat is a very strong private domain traffic. In the past, no matter offline activities need to gather participants to return, e-commerce sellers need to attract consumers, or fitness coaches want to strengthen close communication to let you buy classes, they like to add a wechat group. So if businesses want to carry out live delivery, wechat will also become a very good environment.

WeChat group live in the broadcast, then order in the business process, and then have preferential information or live broadcast notice, through friends circle or official account or group news, do not need to jump out of WeChat, conversion ability is particularly strong.

In the past two years, wechat has also seen that brother Bruce Lee is constantly exploring the field of short video and live broadcasting, believing that there will be surprises in the future.

2、 How to understand “goods”

Many people should be able to find out that live e-commerce has turned the mode of “people looking for goods” and “goods looking for people” into “people to people” behavior.

So for a while, “people” seemed to become the core competitiveness of live broadcast with goods, and tens of millions of online Red anchors all flocked to e-commerce, hoping to get a gold from it.

However, the essence of things can’t be seen at the first sight. The real key is the industrial chain hidden behind the surface.

The reason why live e-commerce can be popular with consumers is not only a breakthrough in “people” and “field”, but also a change in “goods”.

In the past, when e-commerce did not appear, the offline retail industry chain was from the production base to the brand merchant to the dealer to the shopping malls and then to the consumer. Because of the geographical limitations, consumers can only look for goods and compare prices in a single place.

After the emergence of e-commerce such as Taobao and Jingdong, this restriction was eliminated, so that the commodities in the southeast and northwest appeared in front of consumers. The role of dealers and stores became weaker, the price increase link was reduced, the choice of consumers was more, and the money spent on shopping was saved.

Later, Netease appeared to select and compete with many, and consumers could even go straight through the retail industry chain to the production base. Therefore, Netease strictly chooses a new mode with its super high cost performance and its super low price which makes people doubt life.

However, there is a drawback to these more cost-effective models, that is, more choices are made, but it is more difficult for consumers to choose. Now even the real goods and good goods can give such a low price, then in the same price of goods, how can I distinguish the good from the bad?

I believe that many friends who have spent a lot of time have stepped on similar pits and bought cheap real goods and good ones, but they have also been recruited to buy shoddy goods and fake ones. They have no choice but to regard them as IQ tax and trial and error cost. Fortunately, the price is not expensive.

While the emergence of live e-commerce, although it adds a link of MCN and anchor promotion to the retail industry chain, their emergence can help consumers carry out very strict selection and price negotiation. Because the quality and price of the product represent the image and reputation of the anchor. If once the product is sold badly with goods, and the product is complained about, the consumer guarantees that it will not be the second time.

In order to catch big fish for a long time, the anchor’s selections are all abnormal and strict. And because the anchor has better reputation and traffic, it can force the supply chain and manufacturers to give better products and prices, and guarantee the minimum of the whole network for at least 1-3 months.

This is a positive cycle. If the goods are sold well and the influence and flow are greater, we can get better prices and more competitive goods. In the same way, most of the live e-commerce products are fast moving consumer goods and clothing shoes with large price reduction space and low trial and error cost.

Therefore, for consumers, a good anchor with goods is their consumption barrier, which can improve the shopping experience and buy with ease. It is absolutely impossible to buy without loss.

So on the contrary, live e-commerce is not very different from traditional e-commerce, because it is still inseparable from the classic 4P theory, and it is still the king of products and prices, but the static graphic introduction page has become a living person to sell with you there.

By the way, just because products and prices are so important, the following core competitiveness of the host team or MCN, in addition to host incubation, content production and flow docking, will also increase the ability of supply chain management and selection control, becoming more complex.

The market of MCN institutions is a mixed market. After meeting this challenge, it is believed that it will promote the screening of a number of poor institutions, but in the middle, it will also defeat some of the tail or new online celebrities and anchors. This is also a big impact of live e-commerce on the content industry ecology.

3、 How to understand “human”

If you think about it carefully, in fact, it takes a long time for consumers to squat in the live broadcast room to watch the anchor take the goods and then place an order for purchase, which is not an efficient way of shopping.

Therefore, under the live e-commerce, the target users are those groups with rich disposable time or even more important money than time, sensitive price, weak subjective judgment, and easy to follow the trend. Most of them will appear in enterprises and self-employed households with relatively idle work in low-level cities or first-line cities.

But today’s “human” is actually another role in the live broadcast, that is, the anchor.

At present, the industry is still in the dividend period, and the increase of anchor has been rising. But if you look at the host market at the waist or even the tail, you will find that the growth of fans has become more and more difficult. So for the anchor, the competition is still very fierce, and the elimination rate is also very high. In addition, all kinds of stars and business celebrities began to go to the sea, which also made the Red Sea more water.

If you want to set sail in this ocean, you need skills.

From tiktok level, the penetration and effect of Kwai live is obviously better than that of jitter. Kwai Kwai mainly benefited from the fast old iron culture, and the old fellow’s anchor and audience were closer together, which could quickly establish trust relationship with the audience and naturally have more advantages in the activities of people. Therefore, the anchor should pay more attention to how to improve the affinity when he chooses the person to set up and operate his own image.

From the perspective of the successful head anchor, Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya have a common background for their success: they have bought goods at the front line, they know the psychology of consumers very well, and they also know how to grasp the selling points of products for marketing. Such professional ability is very difficult.

Many people think that a good delivery anchor is able to talk and say that the segment attracts consumers. In fact, it’s only half right. Lao Luo is a typical case.

Lack of understanding of products, unfamiliar with sales skills and processes, and the final effect of carrying goods is more from celebrity aura, but it can not be sustained. So at this stage, the more vertically segmented the talent, the easier it will be for business to realize. The new anchor also suggests focusing on one area to try first.

To sum up, in the live e-commerce, “goods” is the most important factor, and the core competitiveness is to equip good products of the same quality with cheaper prices.

Both individual anchor and MCN organization should pay attention to selection and tob negotiation. “Field” fully embodies the advantages of live broadcast and solves the problem that online shopping guide is not three-dimensional and has no sense of participation. However, to seize this opportunity, we need to have a strong source of goods and supply chain management ability. At present, e-commerce products have more advantages.

On the aspect of “people”, the anchor should make good use of friendly human facilities, learn user psychology and study sales skills so as to really stand firm in the live e-commerce and have a place of his own.

Anyway, live

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