Dong Mingzhu’s live broadcast is not for selling goods. Their main purpose is brand marketing, which will become a trend of live e-commerce marketing.

More than 30 years ago, Microsoft launched an advertisement when it promoted windows 1.0. At that time, Steve Ballmer, as a business manager, incarnated himself as a salesman in the advertisement. His crazy actions and exaggerated expressions were impressive. It was hard to imagine that he was the CEO of Microsoft in the future.

When it comes to price, Ballmer said excitedly, no 500, no 1000, just 99, oh, my God, buy it and buy it.

Ballmer can’t imagine that the way he used to sell Internet software was widely used in the current live Internet delivery. It seems that Ballmer is probably the ancestor of CEO’s live delivery.

But think about it carefully: is this ad live or brand marketing?

Ballmer’s sales promotion in the video is almost the same as Li Jiaqi’s delivery. They introduce products and functions quickly, and then offer a surprise price to attract consumers to buy.

But Ballmer’s video is just like live tape in the form of performance, but it’s actually a real advertisement.

At that time, windows was just born. The purpose of this advertisement is to let the public know the software, understand its functions, and finally pay for the purchase. For this advertisement, it is more important for more people to see and understand it than to purchase it. There is no last step without the first two steps.

The main function of Ballmer’s video as an advertisement is brand marketing. Its link is much longer than that of live delivery. Everyone knows that the purpose of advertising is ultimately to sell, but it is not to sell directly.

In the article “more important than live tape products is the brand of live tape”, I think there are two types of live broadcast.

The first one is live tape. Its purpose is mainly to promote sales. Now most live e-commerce businesses such as Weiya, Li Jiaqi, Luo Yonghao and Simba belong to live tape.

The second is the brand of live video, its main purpose is brand marketing, which will become a trend of live video e-commerce marketing.

At present, most of the content of the live broadcast is about carrying goods. This article will continue to talk about the brand of the live broadcast. The article will solve the following problems:

Which platform is more suitable for live broadcast brand?

What kind of products are suitable for the brand of live broadcast?

What are the cases of live belt brand?

How to broadcast the brand?

01 “Shukuai” is content e-commerce, Taobao is e-commerce content

Tiktok Kwai, first of all, talk about the three giants of live broadcasting, Taobao live, live broadcast and live broadcast. What tiktok Kwai is often asked is the difference between the three live broadcast business providers. I think it can be summed up in one sentence: jitter and fast hand are content providers, and Taobao is the content of the electricity supplier.

As the name implies, content e-commerce means content first, then e-commerce.

Tiktok, fast hand is first of all short video and live platform, on their platform has a lot of content, most users come here to see content, kill time. When the platform has formed a huge content ecology, the electricity supplier carries goods including live Kwai bring goods is just a means of cash. Tiktok and Kwai’s core are content.

On the contrary, e-commerce content includes e-commerce first and then content.

Taobao is a place to buy goods. Although there are contents in Taobao today, basically no one regards Taobao as a place to watch content and video. Taobao launched more and more short video, live broadcast and other content to make every effort to let users stay longer on their own platform, because the longer users stay, the greater the probability of consumption. But its core is still e-commerce.

Tiktok, Kwai popcorn is a movie theater. For many people come to see the movie, to sell people’s traffic and sell popcorn and coke, we know that selling popcorn and cola is a great profit.

Taobao is a shopping mall, and the shopping mall will also perform various activities in the atrium, which is the content of its own platform, but these activities are to attract people and make people stay longer, so as to have a greater chance to sell more goods.

02 tiktok is more suitable for brand.

Tiktok understands the essential difference between Taobao live broadcast and jitter, and Kwai live broadcast. It is not hard to get a better answer to the platform. In a word: make brand in the place of content, and make promotion in the place of sales.

The only goal of a brand store in a mall, such as Nike, is sales, so the main marketing action in the store is promotion. But Nike needs to go to the media outside the mall to advertise its brand, do content marketing and do activities so that consumers can understand. When consumers understand the brand, they will buy Nike products after entering the mall.

Tiktok is Taobao’s shopping mall, and Kwai, Nike is the place where Nike advertise.

Some people say that advertisements can be made inside the store, of course, but the advertisements made in the store are nothing compared with all the advertisements of Nike. For example, in order to enrich its own ecology, Taobao once launched a series of ads on the second floor of Taobao, “one thousand and one nights”. But when it came out of the advertising circle, how many people knew?

So overall, tiktok is more suitable than Taobao for the brand marketing perspective. As for the Kwai Fu, because of its advantages in the sinking market and the main commodities that are commodities and food, it is more suitable for carrying goods at the present stage.

Here’s a summary of the differences:

03 typical brand cases of live tape

Although everyone is talking about the products of the live belt at present, there are many cases of the brand of the live belt. These are typical cases of the brand of the live belt.

1. CEO brings goods

In the Internet age, Chen Ou’s “I speak for myself” once created a personal IP based on the corporate brand, which brought great effect to the promotion of the brand. Today, the CEO of famous brand broadcast is also a powerful marketing and PR.

Although the sales of Liang Jianzhang and Dong Mingzhu’s live broadcast are very high, in fact, for them, the sales of single delivery is not so important. What’s important is that their behavior represents the attitude of enterprises to embrace change and the industry influence caused by the event itself.

As Mr. diaoye said: “some owners said they would sell XXX yuan in one night We have tracked tmall’s data, which can only be described as “ha ha” The heart of this method is to achieve PR effect through a shiny sales number. The next day, various media reported in turn – so, people achieved the goal of free pr.

2. County magistrate takes goods

Under the epidemic situation, agricultural products in many cities are unsalable. In the spring tide of live broadcast, many local county heads and deputy county heads have come to the camera for local goods. This trend of live delivery of goods by county leaders has also promoted the birth of many county leaders of wanghong, and many county leaders have made remarkable achievements in carrying goods.

Tiktok, deputy master of Kazuo County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning, and Chen Shizhong, in April 19th, brought more than 1 million 100 thousand yuan with goods. But carrying goods is only for a while after all. It is more important to promote the local popularity and long-term sales of local specialties through the county magistrate’s carrying goods.

3. Personal live broadcast

The most direct broadcast is tiktok, not many people, but many individuals. Their main purpose is to share knowledge, interact with fans, increase stickiness of fans, and improve their traffic volume and make some cash in cash. This is a typical manifestation of creating personal brand.

For example, Yang Kun often broadcast the tiktok on Friday night half past eight. Through this live broadcast, Yang Kun can interact with fans, enhance his activity and attention, and maintain his exposure before the public without his major works. Yang Kun’s way of using short video + live broadcast for continuous exposure is used by many stars and personal brands.

4. Live star endorsement

In the field of live delivery, you haven’t heard that any star will exclusively help brand delivery of a certain category, because for the delivery anchor, of course, the more kinds of goods, the better. But in the advertising industry, exclusive brand endorsement is very common. If this kind of endorsement is applied to carry goods, it is actually a typical star exclusive live broadcast with goods, which has a strong brand communication color.

Zhao Wei’s live delivery for an e-commerce brand in May is actually a brand marketing method of endorsement + live delivery. Zhao Wei is not only the spokesperson of the brand, but also helps it carry out live delivery. This live delivery is exclusive, because she doesn’t do live delivery everyday. This way may become a new model of brand endorsement in the future.

5. Live broadcast of the conference

Xiaomi was the first to hold an online press conference after the epidemic, and Xiaomi 10 was released by way of online live broadcast, which is a typical brand of live belt.

Similarly, the online live broadcast by Zhang Jiayin, CEO of McDonald’s China, on April 15 is for the promotion of the new product “McNuggets”. This live broadcast is not for how many “McNuggets” are sold on the spot, but to promote consumers’ attention to the new product and offline purchase in the future.

6. Live car broadcast

As I said in the previous article, automobile is not suitable for live delivery, because it does not meet the basic conditions of low unit price and high discount. But as an experiential product, it can show its various configurations, functions, driving experience and so on through live broadcast.

Tesla’s auto driving, auto parking and other black technology functions are very suitable for live display. In fact, Tesla’s recent live broadcast frequency is very high. Through live broadcast, people who don’t know Tesla can understand Tesla, gradually bury the brand impression in consumers’ hearts, and promote consumers’ future purchase behavior.

Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast sales of Great Wall Motors are not the live broadcast with goods, but the live broadcast with brands. Because there are only 10 half price cars, the purpose is obviously not to quickly achieve auto sales, but to make the brand of Great Wall Motors more exposed through the live broadcast. If the live broadcast can be added to the experience scene, it can be said that it is a comprehensive brand marketing.

7. Live broadcast of real estate

If it’s difficult for cars to carry goods through live broadcast, then it’s even more impossible for real estate. Buying a house is a longer-term decision, and it’s impossible to make an impulse purchase through a live broadcast. What real estate live broadcast can achieve is to tell the history of the brand and show the characteristics of the house supply.

On May 5, Wang Han and Da Zhangwei didn’t say how many Suites they sold for the live broadcast of country garden, mainly as part of the IP to create the “55 house purchase Festival” of country garden, which is a typical brand marketing.

8. Live broadcast of luxury goods

Make complaints about misfits and draw further apart. LV has conducted a live broadcast, and the style of its live broadcast has been spun out by many netizens, which is incompatible with its inherent sense of high quality and is also contrary to the positioning of luxury brands.

In my opinion, luxury brands belong to the typical category suitable for brand live broadcast, but not suitable for carrying goods.

First of all, the unit price of luxury goods is high, which makes it difficult to promote impulse purchase. Second, luxury goods cannot be sold at excessive price reduction. Once the price is excessively reduced, it will give consumers an impression that the normal price of this product is too pitiful, and it is not worth this price at all. The price during live broadcast is the normal price, which is extremely unfavorable for luxury goods to build a high-end brand image. In fact, the live show like the figure below is more suitable for live broadcast of luxury categories.

04 how to broadcast the brand?

From the above point of view, not all products are suitable for live delivery, such as unit price

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