This paper analyzes the four links of live delivery and discusses the real value of live delivery.

Let me ask you a question: the core value of live delivery, is it live delivery or delivery? ——It seems that this is a topic we often neglect.

What we can see will always be Weiya and Li Jiaqi’s dazzling in the spotlight; hot topics created in the live broadcast room all the time; user traffic beating every minute; sales orders from tens of thousands to millions, as well as Luo’s poor PPT and growing bald.

Note here: Although I laugh at Mr. Luo, I personally respect him very much.

I was shocked to see that he wrote a wrong price claim article. The world is not short of ordinary people, nor of smart people who make full use of social resources. What is missing is often the infatuated people who always adhere to their dreams. It is their existence that fills the world with the color of heroism and the romance of wandering poets.

I believe that Mr. Luo will not hate me as soon as he sees this article. If he hates me, I will say that this article is a black manuscript written by my adversary, making him a fortune.

Back to our theme: the core value of live delivery, is it live delivery or delivery?

In this, we have to learn the advanced foreign business dismantling methods. In fact, the live delivery can be roughly divided into four parts.

1、 Four links of live delivery

1. Supply chain selection

Supply chain selection is the most important part of live delivery. Note that I use the word “most” here.

The customers who have read my previous articles all know that the natural properties of live delivery tell us that products with low price, high frequency and high premium can be eaten in the field of live delivery.

Live sales of cars, airplanes, computers, mobile phones and so on are really throwing money into the water. Don’t expect a good sales quota except for a little brand effect.

Some people say that Lao Luo still sells Xiaomi’s cell phone for the second time. That’s when Mr. Luo owes Xiaomi’s father money. Xiaomi can’t let Mr. Luo start his own business to pay off his debts (Mr. Luo is the ICAC in the business world, why should he be yellow).

In this part of the supply chain selection, it is actually the watershed of the 28 principles.

The head anchor has a very strong bargaining power, often reporting a hundred commodities. The studio selects commodities through product quality, product price, product use frequency, conformity with the anchor’s tonality, and other indicators – this is similar to a funnel, leaving behind superior commodities with good quality and low price.

This also ensures that the personal IP address of the host is not affected. We need to know that fans are the life of the host, not the manufacturer.

The hungry high-quality fans came in a rush in the prescribed time and swept the live broadcast room with the mentality of taking advantage of the price. The amazing anchor tried to sell in front of the screen, but only the manufacturer knew that it was a busy job.

The remaining 80% of the anchors don’t have premium space, so it’s good to receive jobs. You can sell whatever you want, and you can’t expect to have sales volume. Just say it.

Do you see that = high quality and low price products leverage the flow lever and fans’ purchasing power.

What’s the most important thing in this?

In fact, it is a product with low price and high quality.

2. Pit location on schedule

It’s a good understanding of pit scheduling. In fact, it’s the order of selling goods.

But it is not simple, from the core competitive products to the gradual increase of code, to the details of various products are quite exquisite.

The general ranking is to start to attract the flow of explosive products; small upsurge in the middle to promote sales; several products in the tail to a perfect end. They rank quite scientifically and humanely (they are psychologists to some extent).

3. Official live sales

Wang Mou, a small businessman, was drawn into the investment group. There were 100 people in the group, 99 of whom were entrusted. He was the only one cheated. During the official live broadcast sale, it was definitely a classic gang crime.

Early stage of live broadcast: warm up the live broadcast activity, arrange the platform to strive for traffic inclination as much as possible, study the traffic distribution operation rules of the platform, and ask the strong star IP to increase the hot traffic, etc.

Middle stage of live broadcast: the setting of various blocks and interactive links during the live broadcast, the rhythm of the water army when necessary, the purchase amount of brush, the fake of hot sale, etc.

Later stage of live broadcast: the notice of the next event, leaving a little mystery to attract fans to participate in the next event, leaving fans to establish their own private domain traffic pool for secondary access, etc.

4. Sales statistics and after sales

In addition to selling the goods themselves, what is the actual sales volume of the responsible platform?

Among them, the proportion of their own purchase, sales that part in seven days without reason to return how many? How many complaints? What is the actual profit?.

We Internet people call this a valid replay. Here you should pay attention to one thing: because of the product properties of live broadcast with goods, the quality of the products directly reflects on the return rate – your return rate is more than 50% and your team can’t bear it. The next day, the whole industry knows that you are brushing the purchase volume, and the pit fee will be greatly reduced.

We summarize the following four aspects of live delivery:

Selection of supply chain products – schedule and location – official live sales – sales statistics and after-sales

The two links of “selection” + “sales and after-sales” in the supply chain are strongly dependent on the product type, and the quality of the products determines whether these two links can be excellent enough.

To put it bluntly, is the user running for the high heat anchor?

It may be, but the core purchasing power depends on high-quality and low price high-quality goods. The quality of the goods determines whether the popularity of the anchor can be maintained for a long time.

The two links of scheduling shangkeng + official live broadcast sales are strong operation type. The professional team and understanding of the platform rules determine whether the early publicity is in place enough to attract more users to watch and buy.

2、 Real value of live delivery

Is there any value in live delivery?

Of course, live delivery is valuable. In my opinion, its existence is similar to the annual double 11 Shopping Festival of e-commerce platform: users come from all directions, anxiously waiting and cheap goods, setting off wave after wave of buying climax.

It is not difficult to predict that this year’s double 11 Shopping Festival will be highly integrated with live sales, boosting the shopping frenzy. At this moment, live selling has become an efficient platform for marketing content distribution.

Here are two words of great importance, one is content, the other is distribution.

Through the above analysis, we can easily judge the following conclusions:

Products are the lifeline of live broadcast with goods: high quality and low price products can keep users, and high retention rate can make live broadcast with goods IP operate for a long time.

Content production will become the core competitiveness in the field of live delivery: the better the content, the stronger the ability to attract users to stop.

Deep understanding of platform rules: only when you are familiar with the platform content distribution rules can you get more advantageous traffic tilt and boost the development of live delivery.

3、 Conclusion

Live delivery is a topic as well as a trend phenomenon. Those top-level IP shaping cases are undoubtedly the result of excellent team operation; they are the value presentation with enough attention to detail and selection; however, the core value is still the product itself, which is a serious and responsible attitude towards consumers.

There is no end to growth. The details are right now.

In fact, excellent people do everything well, because they have the attitude of the person in charge and the ability of continuous learning; repeated error correction summary is the touchstone for them to hone themselves, and the huge profits brought by the tuyere are the rewards and rewards they should have.

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